Oct 1st knowledgebase updated

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We have updated our knowledgebase, you can use it and If you have any questions, ask the online support,


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Mar 19th Warning!! Attention for all MAG users. *Must read*

The MAG devices are losing the portal settings after updating the device to the latest version of system software and this will not allow the users to add any portal addresses to the device.So the event of any blockage by infomir, you can use the below methods to unblock your MAG devices.In this guide, we will teach you how to downgrade the system ... Read More »

Nov 13th Incompatible Mail providers

Hello, In this topic, we gathered the name of some of the Mail providers that are not compatible with our Trial ... Read More »

Nov 12th Maintenance

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Since we did many changes yesterday, today need to assimilate everything, so be patient, do not panic if sometimes something goes down at some moment. Now we are on Portal, soon will be available.

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